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Careers for Women, Trades and Veterans in Tech and Data Centers

Apr 23, 2020

4.23.20 We speak with Dr. Julie Albright Digital Sociologist and author of Left to Their Own Devices, How Digital Natives are Reshaping the American Dream.  She has a dual Doctorate in Sociology and Marriage and Family Therapy from USC where she teaches master’s level courses on the Psychology of Interactive Technologies and Sustainable Infrastructure.  She’s a sought after keynote speaker for her insights which she has been kind enough to share with us.  We discuss the “untethering” of this upcoming generation, work-related outcomes, and the different job expectations of the digital age workforce.  She discusses the impacts of being untethered and the need for jobs to fill in the skills they miss as they learn more digitally.  "Julie's next book - The Cloud Machine co-authored by @Dean Nelson will peel back the curtain of data centers and the people who run them.