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Careers for Women, Trades and Veterans in Tech and Data Centers

Oct 22, 2019

Today's episode, we hear from Inge Woudstra.  Inge is a diversity expert and author of, "Be Gender Smart -The Key to Career Success for Women,"  This informative session discusses ways to help increase diversity and women's percentages in the workforce and ways in which to help retention.  Inge has done extensive research on the subject.  Coming from a technical background in engineering, she lends a fresh perspective based on her work with several companies around these topics.  Inge is part of the Infrastructures Masons and helps engineering, tech and professional service firms with gender diversity and improved retention, engagement and advancement of women. We apply my deep expertise in gender difference so you can create a culture that works for both men&women and increase performance through the creation of:

# inclusive recruitment
# inclusive appraisal
# inclusive promotion
# inclusive succession
# inclusive leadership

WHY IT MATTERS: Better gender diversity helps you improve retention, increase employee engagement and client satisfaction and save on recruitment costs. It can also lead to innovation and better productivity.  Whether you are starting out as a woman in the industry or a company working to hire a more diverse workforce, this podcast is for you!

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