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Data Center and Tech Careers for Trades, Women, Vets

Nov 5, 2019

Thank you for your service, first! For the kick-off of our veterans' talent initiative, we start with the great work being done by Salute Mission Critical.  In their words, "Clients worldwide turn to Salute Mission Critical they need precise execution in their data center environments.  Whether building new, deploying into a leased facility, managing an existing site or refreshing/moving sites, we provide highly trained, disciplined personnel and teams to fulfill your needs."  

In this portion of our series on data center careers, we look at some of the options for vets returning from service and how their deployments can equate to civilian careers in data centers (and others).  We will discuss scholarships, apprenticeships, and the work Salute is doing with Infrastructure Masons and ways in which they are helping with homeless vets.